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Happy grooms, Happy horses, Happy owners.

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We are here to help organize fluent run of your barn.

Training staff to work more effectively and professionally.

Training grooms clipping and plaiting.

Giving horses top care, feed planning, cleaness of barn.

We work towards to have long term happy owners, employees and healthy horses.

In person or virtual managing, assistance, planning.

Our main clients are amatuer riders/barn stepping up in their carreer, national grooms, etc.

Our plans:

Daily Plan

We will send you two best basic concepts that will make your day effective depending on number of horses, staff, riders and others.

This day plan is not a day show plan.

Starting at 150 euro

Employee plan

Together with you we will consult number of needed staff, position of grooms.

Recruiting staff.

Starting at 150 euro

Week Plan

We will send you 2 best basic concepts that will make your week effective depending on number of horses, staff, riders and others.

This week plan is not a week show plan.

Starting at 250 euro

Feed Plan

We will find and send you best feed and supplement distributor depending on your horses needs. Build a feed plan.

Allergies and feed sensitiv need to be add.

Starting at 100 euro

Home Groom

In person we will train your home grooms to work in team or on its own.

We will give them our knowledge about how to plan their time effectively and give better care to your horses.

We will meet you at your barn.

Starting at 200euro/day

Complete strategy

Day plan, week plan, training of home grooms, show grooms and all the  barn duties that need to be on point daily.

This plan apply min week with your team.

Starting at 800 euro

Show Groom

In person we will show your groom how to pack, prepare before travels, how to set stables at show. Be at ring on time, plait. Before and after showing care and others. 

We will travel with your groom to show.

Starting at 200euro/day

Invidual Plan

Send us detailed message of your barn, employees, horses and problem you are need to solve. we will help you from finding the right bedding distributor to your horse training plan.

On demand

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